Risk Systems

Tame unbridled risk with specialist tools

Protecht has developed specialist risk management software to help your business identify and manage risk. These tools provide intensive focus for senior management for real-time understanding and risk based decision-making.

  • Real-time analysis
  • Risk management
  • Data dissemination
  • Status reports
  • Risk and compliance dashboards and reports

Act quickly, act precisely. Stay in control.


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Manage your risk from anywhere in the world with our online, enterprise risk management software. Scalable and accessible from wherever you are, Protecht.ERM is suitable for all organisation types and sizes. Deploy and collaborate anywhere on risk and control assessments, compliance, key risk indicators, incident capture and audits.

Meet the strict requirements of regulatory bodies and the data expectations of stakeholders. Reduce operational risks and associated losses.

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Get a comprehensive understanding of your exposure to interest rate movements. Our ALM risk management software empowers risk managers and financial controllers to generate value at risk, sensitivity, gap tables and charts, and earnings at risk forecasts and simulations.



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Commercial credit risk management software makes it easier for companies to centralise commercial lending information, including: approval data; financial statements analysis; credit risk grading; balance and arrears information and reporting in a single web-based platform.


Share knowledge, learn and collaborate on risk incidents across the Australian Mutual ADI industry. A Joint Initiative between AM Institute and Protecht.

Protecht.ERM has been pre-approved by Comcover for use by all Federal Government Entities. 

With Protecht.ERM, you can self-manage and optimise strategic and operational risks. Align and embed risk management processes throughout your agency to help deliver on the requirements of PGPA.

Protecht.ERM is a full featured Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) Management system. It is suitable for the needs of Federal Government Entities at all stages of risk management maturity.

The system is ISO 31000 compliant, promotes industry best practices and is offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. It is hosted in a highly-secure facility with all data stored in Australia. Whether your Entity is small or large, the software creates consistency and confidence across the enterprise.

Risk Analytics in Action: Watch our new video now!

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Become a Risk Champion: Optimise your Performance with Risk Analytics

Drive business performance and better outcomes with Protecht's Risk Analytics module

Management of risks is more than just the collection of risk data. Protecht’s Risk Analytics and reporting module is a key component of the Protecht.ERM, Protecht.CCRM and Protecht.ALM systems and can enable an organisation to drive better outcomes. This module enables organisations to:

  • Produce highly sophisticated tabular reports and graphical dashboards, which can be tailored by users without needing to revert to a specialist IT team or service provider, allowing for self-sufficiency – once trained, users are able to configure the software to precise Agency-specific needs and protocols
  • Quickly and easily download reports and dashboards into PowerPoint, Excel or PDF formats at the push of a button
  • Email reports and dashboards at specific scheduled times or on demand.