GRC Risk Management Software

Protecht.ERM provides local, state and federal government entities and agencies with a flexible GRC solution to support their risk management obligations under State and Federal legislation and policy including the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act (2013) and the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy (July, 2014). 

Key risks and controls across your agency or entity can be centrally captured, worklfowed and monitored with this GRC risk management software. Assurance programs and surveys can also be recorded using the Protecht.ERM.

Apart from standard risk management functionality to identify and capture key risks and controls, the Protecht.ERM form flexibility allows other key processes to be better managed.  Workplace health and safety, gifts and entertainment management, request to trade, internal audit findings and other issues can be centrally managed and linked to key risks.

Strategic and business plans can also be recorded and reported on using the platform.

Talk to one of our advisors today, to find out why we are the preferred Comcover vendor for GRC risk management software.

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