Risk Management Strategies

With the right knowledge, expertise and technology in place, it is possible to embrace risk and advance your organisation as a result.

Risk Services

Reduce risk and compliance issues and gain a competitive edge with industry leading risk management training and advisory.

There are plenty of risk management advisors and trainers out there. Why are we different? Well – who would you take advice from and want to learn from? Someone who has read the books or someone who has battle scars from doing it many times, learning what works and what does not. We are the latter.



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Risk Advisory

High performance organisations are all aware that the risk revolution is upon us. There has never been less tolerance from shareholders, regulators and the general public for organisations that cannot demonstrate that risk and risk management strategies, is well understood, diligently addressed and prudently managed.

Our advisory services and risk management strategies set out how to establish enterprise risk management policy and practical frameworks that are suited to the risk appetite of your organisation and lead to improved performance. We provide the frameworks that help to identify where risk lies in your business and how to mitigate it.

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Risk Training

Poor corporate performers reveal themselves to the market very quickly. Their share price gets pummelled, and investors lose long-term confidence in the management team. There is no faster way to prevent a pummelling than to invest in superior training for your team. It protects you, gives you a stronger competitive platform to stand on and advances the interests of your organisation.

At Protecht we offer three different options for training and you can decide what is better for you according to specific needs and risk management strategies. We offer you the ability to choose between public training (check the Events page), in- house training, or a wide range of e-Leaning courses.

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