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Risk Management Training

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Risk knowledge is critical in order to empower your staff to become effective and engaged managers of risk in your business. That knowledge needs to be technical yet practical, thought provoking yet engaging and above all, be knowledge that can be retained and used back in the workplace. Protecht’s training is all of this and more so you get the most out of your people.

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Compliance Risk Management

This course covers both Compliance Management and Compliance Risk Management. The focus is on the development of an efficient risk-based approach.

Sydney - 06 Aug 2019



Risk Appetite

Covers all aspects of developing a risk appetite at the corporate level, cascading it through the organisation and operationalising it to evaluate and report risk levels and use in decision making.

Sydney - 02 Sep 2019



Strategic, Project and Change Risk Management

Addresses all aspects of strategic, project and change risk covering Decision Risk, Execution Risk and Delivered Risk. Focus is on the practical management of each of these risks and how each process should be embedded in strategic and business planning, project management and ongoing business management.

Adelaide - 03 Sep 2019


Enterprise Risk Management

This course covers all facets of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework as it applies to any organisation including Governance, Processes, People and Culture, Reporting and Analytics.

Available In-House


Bow Tie Analysis

Covers the principles of Bow Tie analysis for understanding and documenting risk. Construction of the Bow Tie will be covered in depth as well as its application in root cause analysis, incident management, risk assessment, scenario analysis and KRIs. 

Available In-House



Key Risk Indicators

Covers all aspects of developing and successfully implementing a strong Key Risk Indicator (KRI) framework from identifying KRIs, through to developing thresholds and implementing an embedded process.

Available In-House



Controls Assurance

This course will challenge your control framework and equipping you with the skills to provide assurance as to the ongoing effectiveness of controls. We will focus on controls assurance as a function.

Available In-House


All our training courses can also be held In-House and tailored to suit your needs. Other available topics include:

Risk and Control Self Assessment, Risk Profiling and Risk-Reward Decision Making.

If you are interested in designing a special course using a combination of the topics mentioned here, send us an email at

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Courses now available in: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland and Wellington.

All courses are 1 day and are A$795 + GST per seat.

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Who should attend

Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Financial Controllers, Internal and External Auditors, Risk Advisers and Consultants, Regulators, Senior Management and any staff required to be "risk aware".

Each course runs for one day from 9:00am to 5:00pm, unless otherwise advised.

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Karstens Auckland

Level 4, 205 Queen Street - Tower 1 and Mezzanine, Auckland 1010

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Karstens Adelaide

The IVC – 19 Young Street, Adelaide

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Karstens Melbourne

123 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000

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Karstens Perth

Level 1, Cloisters, 863 Hay Street, Perth

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Karstens Sydney

Level 1, 111 Harrington Street, Sydney 2000

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Meet your Presenter - David Tattam


David is an Executive Director of The Protecht Group and author of "A Short Guide to Operational Risk". He is recognised internationally as a specialist in all facets of risk management and in particular, enterprise risk management.

Prior to founding Protecht in 1999, he held roles as the Head of Operations and Risk Management at two international banks, WestLB and The Industrial Bank of Japan. His career also spanned 7 years with PwC.

David is currently active in consulting to and training in a wide range of industries in relation to setting up risk management functions and implementing enterprise risk systems.

Connect with David on LinkedIn:

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Risk Management Training Online

The first step to good risk management is staff training. Unless the principles, concepts and processes are embedded throughout your business, there will remain areas of high risk. Protecht has partnered with GRC Solutions to make this easy for you with an effective risk management training online.           

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Risk Management Software

Manage your risk from anywhere in the world with our online, enterprise risk management software. Scalable and accessible from wherever you are, Protecht.ERM is suitable for all organisation types and sizes. Deploy and collaborate anywhere on risk and control assessments, compliance, key risk indicators, incident capture, audits and much much more.

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