Risk Management Training

Invest in your most valuable asset:
Your People

Invest in your most valuable asset: Your people.

Training can help your team to recognise and understand how managing risk benefits them, their performance and the broader enterprise. Only then can they make precise and powerful decisions on behalf of your business, driving actions that work in the real world.


Our Risk Management training is divided into three areas:

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    Public Courses

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    In-House Training

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    E-Learning Modules

Public Courses

We schedule courses on a regular basis that are open to the public. The courses currently offered are:

    • RM executives

      Risk Appetite

    • Covers all aspects of developing a risk appetite at the corporate level, cascading it through the organization and operationalizing it to evaluate and report risk levels as its use in decision making.

      Duration: 1 day
      Cost pp: $990 + GST
      Next Course: 17th October- 2017

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    • Risk and Control Self-Assessment

      Risk and Control Self-Assessment

    • Covers the principles and methodologies of a strong risk assessment process, how to set them up and run them successfully. Participants will work on a case study using live ERM software to put into practice the concepts covered.

      Duration: 1 day 
      Cost pp: $990 + GST 
      Next Course: 18th October - 2017

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    • Key Risk Indicators

      Key Risk Indicators

    • Covers all aspects of developing and successfully implementing a strong Key Risk Indicator (KRI) framework from identifying string KRIs, through to developing thresholds and implementing an embedded process for their collection, reporting and follow up. Participants will be practicing each concept using case studies on live ERM software.

      Duration: 1 day
      Cost pp: $990 + GST
      Next Course: 19th October - 2017

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    • Compliance Risk Management

      Compliance Risk Management

    • The new ISO 19600 compliance standard forms the basis of an efficient risk based approach to compliance. This course covers what that means in practice from recording compliance obligations to setting up a risk based approach to monitoring compliance, this course has it all. Participants will work hands-on, on case studies using a live compliance system to practically reinforce concepts.

      Duration: 1 day 
      Cost pp: $990 + GST 
      Next Course: 30th October - 2017
      For more information please contact marketing@protecht.com.au

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      • Bow Tie Analysis

        Bow Tie Analysis

      • Covers the principles of Bow Tie analysis for understanding and documenting risk. Construction of the bow tie will be covered in depth as well as its application in root cause analysis, incident management, risk assessment, scenario analysis and KRI development. Participants will develop a number of bow ties during the course through app based simulations.

        Duration: 1 day
        Cost pp: $990 + GST
        Next Course: TBC
        For more information please contact marketing@protecht.com.au



I would like to subscribe to more that one training


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    • In this page you can select different courses that you would like to attend. Save some time and make the most out of this complete agenda.

      All the courses currently scheduled will be delivered in Sydney.



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      In-House Training

    • All of our training courses can be offered as an in-house option. The courses can be developed and specifically tailored to your requirements, methodologies and language. We have vast experience in developing and running in-house training programs to many large organisations.

      Send us an e-mail and tell us what we can do for you


    • e Learning

      e-Learning Modules

    • GRC training at the touch of a button (Risk management training online).

      The first step to good risk management is staff training. Unless the principles, concepts and processes are embedded throughout your business, there will remain areas of high risk. Protecht has partnered with GRC Solutions to make this easy for you with an effective risk management training online. Wherever you are in the world, risk management training is only a few mouse clicks away.

      Our e-learning courses are designed to help you reduce time away from your business.              

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